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Construction Site Injury Lawsuits

construction site injury lawsuits

Construction site accidents happen everyday across the United States and they have an extremely high rate of catastrophic injury as well as wrongful death. No matter what state you live in there are laws that are in place to help and protect injured workers injured on job sites of all kinds. Some of these laws are state workers’ compensation laws, third party liability laws and federal OSHA laws. The laws apply to all injured workers including teen workers, full time workers, part time or seasonal workers as well as undocumented workers. All of these laws may entitle you to benefits, medical care and financial compensation from one or more liable parties. To discuss your work injury claim contact our injury attorneys handling construction site injury lawsuits. All across the country we have catastrophic injury lawyers who handle on the job injury cases of all types. Please click here to contact them and arrange your free consultation. Our team of construction accident attorneys do not charge fees of any kind if they are unable to recover benefits and financial compensation for you.

With offices nationwide they serve the entire country including the Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, El Paso, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Staten Island, Baltimore, Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Kansas City, Seattle, Detroit, Columbus and St. Louis areas.

Construction Companies In The United States

When people think of construction companies they often think of large companies building skyscrapers along a city skyline. While some of these large companies do exist most construction companies, whether they are residential, commercial, custom home builders, industrial, electrical contractors, plumbers or HVAC contractors, are small organizations with 50 or less employees. And it takes only one slip up to end in tragedy on a job site and all contractors have had some sort of on the job injury case. In many cases workers’ comp insurance may cover everything. In other cases there may be third party liability. This means that no matter who you work for an on the job injury may entitle you to benefits, pain and suffering, lost wage compensation and other benefits if the general contractor or other entity played a role in your injury. Some of the more commonly sued construction companies in the USA are:

Skanska Construction

Bechtel Corporation

Kellogg Brown & Root, Inc.

Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

Poole Construction aka PLC

Kiewit Construction Corp.

Turner Construction

Jacobs Engineering

Chicago Bridge & Iron aka McDermott

Fluor Corporation

No matter what company you work for it behooves you to connect with our team of construction site injury attorneys for a free case analysis. They charge no fees if they are unable to obtain compensation for you and your family. After thoroughly analyzing your claim they will identify all liable parties and help you obtain the maximum compensation.

The Importance Of Construction Site Accident Investigations

Accidents at a construction site or industrial work environment can cause catastrophic damage. From worker injuries due to unsafe job sites to fires, explosions, and building collapses, these accidents often make headlines nationwide. When a serious construction accident occurs, state, local and federal agencies may investigate to find the causes of an accident.

OSHA Investigations

OSHA, which is an acronym for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is the primary agency involved in investigating workplace accidents and injuries. OSHA has field offices all over the country, which will request an investigation after an incident. OSHA reports contain the professional opinions of the investigating engineer, opinions as to the cause of an accident, and other factual data regarding the Administration’s findings.

By law OSHA is required to investigate all on the job incidents resulting in the death or injury which results in at least three workers. Much like a police crime scene an employer is to leave the scene of the accident untouched for OSHA investigators. OSHA’s investigative report will contain a description of the operations at the work site, a description of the accident, photographs, interviews, measurements, and other data. The eventual investigative report is largely available to the public, and many investigations are available on OSHA’s website.

National Transportation Safety Board Investigations

Road work, major transportation accidents such as airplane and train accidents and highway construction zone accidents are investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which is a government agency. They play their NTSB biggest role while conducting aviation accident investigations, the Board also investigates ground transportation accidents as well. Their primary focus when researching and recreating accidents is to determine the cause of the accident. From there they make recommendations regarding how accidents can be prevented and how transportation safety can be improved. So far, the NTSB has made over 14,000 safety recommendations, including its suggestions to create a graduated drivers’ licensing system, commercial driver licensing standards, and alcohol restrictions limiting the drinking age to 21 and over.

Investigations conducted by the NTSB are completely independent. They decide who will investigate each accident. And they NTSB only allows those with technical expertise to join investigations. Investigators for insurance companies and attorneys CANNOT participate in the NTSB’s processes.

Independent Accident Investigations & Personal Injury Cases

In the case of smaller accidents that injure fewer people without causing catastrophic damage may only be investigated by local police or fire departments. In cases like these conducting an independent investigation can be a crucial component of your construction accident lawsuit. While professional investigators looking for the cause(s) of an accident they frequently miss critical details. For that reason, it is important to speak with our construction accident attorneys if you were injured in a construction or industrial accident.

As part of a personal injury case, it is common for attorneys to hire their own independent investigators and technical experts to look for evidence that may be legally relevant. This can include taking pictures of the scene, interviewing witnesses and victims, and making sure hazardous and dangerous materials were properly handled or stored. While private investigators may need to wait to gain access to a site until state and federal officials are done, their subsequent investigations may turn up details that would have otherwise been missed.

Unfortunately work injury victims and their families are often limited seeking financial help from the workers’ compensation system after an accident. By connecting with our industrial accident attorneys, and having them carry out an independent investigation, it is possible that you may be entitled to additional compensation sources.

Contact Our Construction Site Injury Attorneys

Our team of New York, NY job site injury attorneys have spent decades helping injured people and investigating the cause of their injury. If you were injured at work, make sure that you get all the compensation you deserve, including payments for your pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, and other expenses. To schedule a free consultation and find out if you can file a lawsuit after your work injury, contact our highly skilled catastrophic injury attorneys handling Skanska construction accident lawsuits.

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