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california construction accident attorneys

California, known as the Golden State, is usually the most populated state in the country. There are literally tens of thousands of construction projects of all types and sizes are underway at any given time. Accidents on both residential and commercial job sites can end in life changing and sometimes fatal injuries. Having an experienced California construction accident attorneys analyze your claim is a wise move as construction site injury victims, and their families, may be entitled to benefits, medical care and financial compensation.

Please click here to initiate your free, no obligation consultation with one of our Los Angeles, CA construction accident attorneys. In addition to free case reviews they charge nothing unless they recover on your behalf. Serving all of CA as well as NJ, DE, MD, PA, CA, FL, NV, MA, CT, OH, PR and others.

Construction Accidents In California

In a construction accident there are numerous ways a worker can get hurt. In many job site claims the employee falls off something or something falls on them. Examples are ladder, scaffolding, stairwell and roof falls. Debris, lumber, building materials and other things can fall onto a worker due to poorly securing it, negligence by another worker or equipment malfunction.

Other on the job injuries in construction, industrial and manufacturing settings are assaults, tripping accidents, machine accidents, equipment accidents and crushing injuries. No matter how you were hurt please email our San Diego, California construction injury attorneys now.

How Our California Construction Accident Attorneys Can Help You

Accident claims on job sites can be very complex as there can be multiple parties. This means that in addition to California workers’ compensation benefits you may be entitled to third party pain and suffering compensation against vendors, suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors. Also, an analysis will need to be done by our Sacramento, CA injury lawyers to determine the value of your claim now as in the future. Please click here to reach out to our San Jose, California construction accident attorneys.

The San Francisco, CA construction accident attorneys on our team serve the entire state: Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland, Fresno, Oxnard, Bakersfield, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Irvine, Riverside & San Bernardino. In addition, they have offices across the country and serve all 50 states, Washington DC & Puerto Rico.